Personal Technology Support

Setting up and learning new technology, or devices, can be daunting and
frustrating. Some hesitate to ask for help as they're often made
to feel stupid.
Offshore technical support is scripted, impersonal and the
technician is often hard to understand.

Our TechLab will answer your questions and help you get it working
so you can start enjoying your devices.

Bentley the TechLab supports all personal technology
Let our TechLab guide you.
Need Help? Call Bentley, our TechLab

Viruses and Online Security

We are constantly bombarded with dire warnings of hackers
and scammers
There are definitely things you have to do, and be aware of, when
accessing emails and the Internet.
TechLab will secure your device and check for threats. We will help
improve your confidence and awareness of what threats
are out there, and how to react should you encounter something.

Setup and Configuration

Did you buy a new computer or smartphone
and don't know what to do to get it up
and running?
Call the TechLab.
We'll get set up right for you.
Not sure how to configure your email settings
on all your devices?
Call the TechLab!

Files and Organization

You're positive you saved that file or picture. But, where?
We'll show you simple ways to organize your files, emails, and images
so you can easily locate what you need when you need it.

Skyping and Streaming

TechLab will set up and configure your cameras and devices to safely and securely
communicate through online video programs. We provide training
in how to keep yourself secure while using this popular tool.

Backup, Archiving, and File Storage

Whether it is an additional device or optimizing your current equipment,
Backing up or archiving the data on your device gives you peace of mind,
frees up resources on your device and ensures it’s still there should
the device break or crash. Additionally, if your computer is hacked or compromised,
your data can’t be held hostage.

Training and User Assistance

Sometimes you just need a helping hand.
We can provide assistance in setting things up; but we'll still
teach you how we did it so you can take care of things next time.

Personal Tech Support Services

EdSmart TechLab provides one-on-one technical support.
We don't use scripts. We listen to your issue and provide solutions
in a patient, understandable manner that empowers you.

Low cost Technical Support


For most jobs, we charge an affordable hourly rate.
There is a minumum of one hour for all services.
Call today for a quote.
(602) 330-3889

Set up a regular visit with the TechLab


Want a dedicated assistant available?
TechLab can schedule regular maintenance or
checkups on your systems and devices.

Fast response, effective solutions to technology issues

Urgent Tech Support

Techlab can come to your home, or office to assist when there's a tech issue,
whether it's setting up a device, or fixing a problem. Give us a call.
(602) 330-3889

What we do

Examples of What We Do

Setting up your computer, printer, etc.
Recover data and/or system after a crash.
Setup or repair network connections.
Setting up email on multiple devices.
Store and organize files, photos, and music.
Optimize password protection and security.
Transfer files to new device
Explore and set up new programs and apps.

EdSmart Techlab, a history of helping adult learners

About EdSmart

EdSmart was founded over twenty years ago to provide
consulting and training services to teachers and school leaders.
We have a long history of helping and training adults to succeed.

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